Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May pictures

One more stitched finish for May:
The pattern is the 4-square pin cushion by Nikyscreations from Just Cross Stitch May/June 2017. I used summery colors from my stash of Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe threads.

I also managed one more Maynia start:
This is Feathers 'n Fins by Tempting Tangles. I started it because on my way to/from my sister's place last week we passed through Nashville, and I stopped at the Stitchin' Post which is going out of business (due to the owner retiring). Everything was on sale.

One item purchased: 40 count lambswool linen! I wasn't thrilled with my from-stash linen options for this pattern, and was very excited to find the 40 count in an appropriate color. So I had to start this when I got home. I'm using a couple of VMSS threads, and a handful of Silk n Colors threads. I also had to go get a clip-on magnifier for this, because 40 count is TINY and eye strain was a distinct probability.

WIPs have been attended to as well - I made a little progress on one of my Maynia starts (Butterfly Biscornu, no picture today), and pressed forward on Mysterious Halloween Town:
And here's a throw-back - one of the first designs I stitched 20-odd years ago lives at my sister's house, and they actually have it out on display! (They are very particular about their decorating style, so this was a surprise to me.)
This was a pattern I photocopied from a library book way-back-when. I no longer have the pattern or know the designer/source. I had forgotten how pretty it was.

We had thunderstorms over the weekend. I ran an errand Saturday evening, when the storms had moved east and the sun was setting. I snapped a couple of photos of the very dramatic sky.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 26, 2017

May Smalls SAL post

My May small for the 2017 Smalls SAL run by Heather of Stitching Lotus:

I took a left turn in terms of the Mothers Day gift I made for my mom. I started thinking that I wasn't sure she would like the primitive style of the four square design. So I stitched up a tiny scissor fob using a pattern from the May 2017 Cross Stitcher magazine:
I had a heck of a time finishing it, because it is SO SMALL. It's about the size of an American-currency quarter. Ack. I felt like my fingers were giant fumbling sausages during the finishing process. I used a couple of little clear flower buttons to stabilize the spot where I attached the ribbon, and to add a bit of 'bling.' She liked it. ☺

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Last (for now) Stitch Maynia starts

I made it through 9 of the 15 planned starts, which is not as bad as I thought!

 Where Did I Put My Broom by Dark Cross - stitched on white Belfast with Silk 'n Colors 'Smokestack.' It's a subtly variegated black to brown.
 Holmsey Hare's Winter Wonderland by Stitchers Anon - on Chesapeake Bay linen by Under the Sea Fabrics. I will be using the charted DMC threads.
 "September" from Spring and Fall by Prairie Schooler - on Beachwalk linen by UtSF. Will mostly use the charted DMC threads, except that I selected different colors for the squirrel (browns that more closely resemble our local squirrels).
 The small design from Winter Awwwwwwwe by Needle Bling Designs - on Chesapeake Bay by UtSF. Will use threads from stash, including this Romy's Creations "Red Passion." (I was going to do the larger design, but changed my mind. I needed something smaller to work on.)
Not a Creature Was Stirring by Lizzie Kate - on the charted navy Heatherfield, using threads from my stash, including this VMSS "Merry Christmas Red." I've had this pattern since I initially began cross stitching, about...wow, almost exactly 20 years. There's a cute button on it, of a mouse tucked into a little bed, which I never purchased. I recently found a cute sleeping mouse button by Just Another Button Company, on sale, which I think I like even better. The mouse is all curled up, wearing a striped sleeping cap.

The Lizzie Kate will probably end up being my first Christmas focus piece for this year, mostly because I've had the pattern so long and it would be kind of a thrill to finish something so 'old.' And also because of that cute mouse button. ☺

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mayni-ack, missing mouse, and flooding

I have hit my Stitch Maynia 'start' limit. I'm beginning to feel a little anxious about having so many WIPs, and can't bring myself to start anything else. But the other kitted projects will remain on deck; I may grab one for a start as I finish projects, so that I don't just abandon them. Pics of my final starts to come.

In other stitching news, Miss Pansy Mouse is missing. :((  The two possible culprits are myself (did I move her somewhere else thinking she would be safer and I've just...forgotten? This is my brain on stress) or my middle cat who likes to hunt and kill and play with my things (i.e., socks, jewelry, DMC skeins - anything I leave where he can get at it, except that he's always surprising me by getting at things I think are out of his reach). I really hope I find her soon.

I'm still not finished with her house. Stitch Maynia got in the way. But I've picked it back up again. I've ordered Summer Mouse in a House, as well as the charted fabric, and I should be getting it all this week. I won't start that one until June, though.

Last week, I worked from home due to flooding in the area. I live in Missouri, USA, and my town is on the Missouri River. Most of my town is uphill, so there was very little water/damage in town. However, flooding closed the highway across the river. It also close the interstate between my location and my work, so I was kind of stuck. The only other option was to spend 3 - 5 hours detouring with everyone else. I'm very grateful that my manager is flexible about letting me work from home in situations such as that.

Here is a photo of our downtown riverfront area, taken from the river bridge. There are 3 parking lots under water in this photo.
And then since the highway was closed on the other side of the river, people were able to walk across the bridge; this is a photo of the flooded side of the river, featuring the new bridge construction site, and farmland in the background.
I did not take these photos; they're from our local newspaper's website.

This is the second major flood in less than two years. People who had just gotten homes repaired or rebuilt have lost everything again.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Stitch Maynia & other WIPs

Successfully completed the first 4 days of Stitch Maynia, yay! I didn't actually put many stitches in on each, because I'm also working on a Mother's Day gift (photo later in the post).
 June Bugs by Pine Mountain Designs.
Butterflies Biscornu by Seba Designs - I really like this one. Threads used so far: GAST Pine and Deep Sea, on a 32 count mystery linen; the tag just says "HD Blue" - a scrap bin find, no other info on it.
"August" from Winter and Summer by Prairie Schooler, on Beachwalk by Under the Sea Fabrics. This will be a really cute finish. Eventually.
Jolly Jack by All Through the Night. The fabric is actually a very dark purple 30 count linen called Purple Rain; also from a scrap bin so no other info. So not fun to stitch on. :( Threads used so far: GAST Fragrant Cloves & VMSS Gold Rush.

The Mother's Day gift is one of the "Hello Spring" designs by Nikyscreations, from the newest Just Cross Stitch magazine. I'm stitching with VMSS threads. The fabric was supposed to be white 32 count, but I think it was mislabeled and is actually 28 count. It's going to be bigger than I had planned, but I'll still turn it into a pin cushion. I think it will be cute.
And even though I've neglected it entirely all week, I did make a little bit of progress on Mysterious Halloween Town since I last showed it:

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