Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May pictures

One more stitched finish for May:
The pattern is the 4-square pin cushion by Nikyscreations from Just Cross Stitch May/June 2017. I used summery colors from my stash of Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe threads.

I also managed one more Maynia start:
This is Feathers 'n Fins by Tempting Tangles. I started it because on my way to/from my sister's place last week we passed through Nashville, and I stopped at the Stitchin' Post which is going out of business (due to the owner retiring). Everything was on sale.

One item purchased: 40 count lambswool linen! I wasn't thrilled with my from-stash linen options for this pattern, and was very excited to find the 40 count in an appropriate color. So I had to start this when I got home. I'm using a couple of VMSS threads, and a handful of Silk n Colors threads. I also had to go get a clip-on magnifier for this, because 40 count is TINY and eye strain was a distinct probability.

WIPs have been attended to as well - I made a little progress on one of my Maynia starts (Butterfly Biscornu, no picture today), and pressed forward on Mysterious Halloween Town:
And here's a throw-back - one of the first designs I stitched 20-odd years ago lives at my sister's house, and they actually have it out on display! (They are very particular about their decorating style, so this was a surprise to me.)
This was a pattern I photocopied from a library book way-back-when. I no longer have the pattern or know the designer/source. I had forgotten how pretty it was.

We had thunderstorms over the weekend. I ran an errand Saturday evening, when the storms had moved east and the sun was setting. I snapped a couple of photos of the very dramatic sky.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. That sky certainly is dramatic! I love the "older" stitch you gave to your sister, and the cute Frosted Pumpkin sampler.

  2. How nice that your sister has your lovely stitching on display! My sister has a couple that I've given her out, too, and I'm always quite touched to see that she liked them well enough to keep them out after all these years.

    Your little four-square piece is darling in the colors you've chosen and will be perfect for summer! I have few summery pieces--need to get stitching!

  3. I really like your four square stitch. What a lovely piece you stitched for your sister years ago and to still have it on display, wow! Your last Maynia start looks good. Gorgeous sky pictures!



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