Monday, June 19, 2017

Big time happy dance

I have finished Just Nan's Spring Mouse in a House!

There are SO many imperfections; this was my first time doing blanket stitch, and my first time stitching together something so complex. But I am so incredibly pleased with it, and do not give a darn about the imperfections. :D


  1. That's gorgeous. Congratulations on an awesome finish. Personalisation - not imperfections.

  2. What a beauty, Amy!! That looks so complicated--was it hard to put all together? Congratulations--you definitely deserve a big, big dance :)

  3. Gorgeous!! Beautiful finish! Congrats!

  4. Too cute! I don't see any "imperfections". Looks perfect to me. Great job!!

  5. It's wonderful! I am sure you are the only one who doesn't think it is perfect!


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